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SPECIAL DELIVERY: ADT drops off alarming direct mail

– Santiago, Chile

Great design comes in small packages it seems these days. For instance, this diabolically clever direct mail piece from DDB, Santiago, Chile.
ADT wanted to drop off a little message for condo owners who felt as though they were quite secure. POP! A reality check comes special delivery complete with a DVD to tell you otherwise.

I don’t say this often, but – “Heavens to mergatroid, this is sheer genius”.

“When not held flat, the boxes pop open to a cube, allowing them to be inserted under doors to lie in wait for the returning home owner. The owner sees the terrifying site of something that has gotten inside your home without your consent. To compound the brief moment of horror, it bears the slogan “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think” next to the ADT logo.”

Via Neatorma > Geekosystem
Photo: Copyranter


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  • I think if I came home from work one day and found one of these waiting for me, my heart rate would rise. No doubt.
    This is pretty clever. But has fear become an advertising tool now?
    I don’t know about you, but between the news and the economy – can we give fear a rest for a while and try something new?
    Great direct mail – Unfortunately, it’s perfect for the time we live in.

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  • tudza

    One problem, this is not breaking into the apartment. This is about as invasive as sliding a note under the door. Oh, you slid something under my door, I’m terrified!

    This does point out that you are in danger of the infamous shaving cream in a paper bag trick. Or, if you are in the habit of keeping your old style key in the lock, you are definitely open to the “poke a stick through the lock, knock the key out, catch it with a newspaper and drag it out under the door” attack.

    Everything is going 3D these days, why not junk mail?

  • Tudza brings up valid points. This is an age of fear after all.

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  • @tudza – You’re right. Never thought about that one. What’s next a battalion of paper airplanes through my window with pizza coupons inside?! Ha! Thanks for the laugh. VV

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