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The other day, I had a chance to sit down and have a chat with Simon Raybould of pixmac. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years, pixmac has become a real presence in the competitive stock image marketplace.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this Englishman. He was dressed in a sharp blazer and a cozy pair or geox trainers. But when we got down to talking about vector art, I could see that (like me) he had a passion for putting the right creative in the right hands.

We did a brief rundown of each other’s job history. To be honest, it was more of a therapy session for us both. I found him smart and honest and genuinely knowledgeable. But not too proud to ask me to define vector stock for him as I saw it. We exchanged opinions on digital art and ideas on how to tap into the very best. It was interesting.

Pixmac seems to be set on a foundation of customer service and selection. This brand is smart enough to know that a certain amount of transparency promotes partnerships and trust and does not give away traffic. Quite the opposite in fact. This is an approach that other industries should take note of.

Simon, has spent a large part of his career helping to build some of the biggest stock image brands in the world. And after taking time off to raise his kids, you could say that he gained a clear perspective on the future of this competitive marketplace. Sometimes stopping and observing is a method of action in itself.
I listened to him break it down for me. He had an insight that ultimately led him to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing and a shot at redefining “the game” so to speak.

You got me thinking Simon. Thanks for your time. It was valuable.

With over 10 Million Images, pixmac is poised for growth this year. With it, an expanding library of vectors. Do yourself a favour by adding pixmac to your bookmark bar.

I recommend you take them for a little test drive. Type in a search word with the word “vector” and see what comes up. Explore some other search words.

Search pictures at Pixmac:

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  • This industry has changed allot in the past 5 years. The technology and quality of work is amazing. You need to have many resources to survive this game.

  • Ansley

    What a good resource you have shown us here. I agree – the way things have changed over the past few years is amazing! Each day the quality is that much more better!

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