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Branding: Bahamas


Clean. Simple. Understated.

Branding a box of cat food or a line of cosmetics is one thing. But how about a chain of islands? Not an easy task I’m sure, but this magnificent execution makes it look smooth and simple doesn’t it?

Island style captured perfectly

Anyone who has visited the Bahamas, knows that it is a diverse and distinct series of islands, each with it’s own character. This branding execution seems to have captured the vibrant spirit of this region in a clean and modern approach.

“Lost in a sea of sameness, the Bahamas needed a design approach that would help it stand apart from the multitude of other tropical vacation destinations. While working at Duffy & Partners with Fallon Worldwide, a complete comprehensive branding overhaul was designed for the Islands of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.”

“At its essence, the design communicates that the Bahamas offers many different types of vacation experiences for a wide variety of audiences. Equally important was the goal of introducing the world to the welcoming, loving, joyful and proud people of the Bahamas.”

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Can’t get enough vector art? No problem:


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