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Metropolitan Cityscapes by Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher

Metropolitan Cityscapes is the latest project by designers Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher. This deadly series of topography is etched in stainless steel and is nothing short of stunning.

It reminds me of the beauty of microchips or the hive of an insect lair. We certainly have left our mark on this rock haven’t we?

Source: Notcot

Chauntelle Trinh

Born 1979 in Vietnam, immigrated to Australia in 1984.
Lives and works in Berlin.

Eckard Buscher

Born 1975 in Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin.

“Current and former residents of Berlin, Sydney and Tokyo, Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher have a long held fascination for cities and the urban milieu. Working in the fields of Architecture and Design they dealt with the minutiae of the city but yearned to explore the macrocosm of metropolitan life. They have been making Art collaboratively since 2007.”

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