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Brand Identity Design – Tygverket

Stockholm –
Tygverket is a popular fabric shop in Sweden. ?10 has finally put together this stunning brand identity that makes me want to go out and buy a sewing machine.

Colourful, contemporary and fun. Everything that a fabric store should be. Excellent work.

Tygverket(ruff english translation: Fabric department) is one of Stockholms largest and most popular fabric shops. Tygverket is located in the the south central part of the city and has been at the same location for 16 years. Tygverket has never really had a uniform graphic identity, during the years the communication have turned more and more in to a monster of different expressions and confusion.

Our mission was to create a brand new strict identity to create order in the shop and also in their communication. In order to establish the identity in Tygverkets area of expertise we have chosen to use a idiom and colours that tells that Tygverket partly is a fabric shop and partly a tailoring atelier.

The tape measure is the key ingredient and it represents the company and impregnates the whole identity. The scale of the tape measure is always accurate, wether it is on a business card or the shop front signage.The colours and the scale are important parts and are present in every piece of communication and stationary that is produced.”

Let us know what you think.

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  • I love the colour match ups in this approach. Very vibrant and memorable.

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