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Vectorvault : PHASE 4

Today, I am writing a master presentation deck for Phase 4 of VECTORVAULT. It has been challenging to decode the essence of this brand. It is the puzzle of my life, and I’m sliding the last few pieces into place.

What I can say is this: Our community of 22,000+ members has done it’s fair share of hoisting this brand into rock solid Google rankings. We have earned respect among creative people like you. Thank you for sharing, commenting and supporting Vectorvault. Read more below…

This next phase, is the long awaiting unification of all of the Vectorvault properties into what it has always strived to be: The Ultimate Source For Vector Art. Together, we are going to own that statement.

We do not aim to be the biggest with the most traffic or revenue for that matter. But we will continue to hand select the best vector art in the world and lock it in the vault (so to speak). The combination has always been your imagination.

Soon you will be able to unlock a galaxy of new products, resources and inspiration designed to make you better. Save money, and stand out from the rest. You deserve it, and we’re going to go get it for you.

In the past, our content has been sporadic (I had to look that up). But all of that is about to change. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Rest assured, your feedback has been captured in the form of a master plan.

Look around. Drop us a few comments.



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  • Something is brewing down at Vectorvault Headquarters. We’ve doubled our guard shifts at the gate.

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