Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Interview with Vectorvault Creator – Adam Jarvis

This has been an incredible week. After the speech I made last Saturday at the RasTa launch party, I was feeling really great. Suddenly, the planets began to align, and for fear of “jinxing” it, I just tried to stay one step ahead of that wave.

I put together a very important presentation package for a very important person. For 5 days I worked strong hours to get things just right. I had some close calls but at the end of it all – It came together quite well. I am pleased.

Luck favours the prepared.

This week is also perfectly timed with an interview that I conducted with Sean Hodge down at VectorTuts+.

It was really nice to be asked questions about vector art and what I love about it. As you already know, we are already big fans of the Envato Network. A fine operation that inspires the design world.

Thanks Sean,
Let me know what we can do for you folks there. Anytime.

Read the interview here.


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