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Vectorvault Holiday Message 2011 – Adam Jarvis

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Now is the best time to stop and be thankful for all that we have. If you are reading this, in a way, what I have to be thankful for is your attention.

2011 in one word was “intense”. They sure don’t make the game easy for the “little guys”. But the journey was educational. Your enthusiasm for this brand has been the driving force this past 7 years. Thank you for everything. Please continue. Whatever you are doing, it’s working. Al the right people are watching it right now. And that has everything to do with us finding it’s way into your bookmarks bar for the year ahead…

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2012 is about making some changes. It’s time to stop doing things “the way that I always do it” and switch to a more ambitious method of “doing what I should be doing”. I suggest you clear your mind over the holidays. “Reboot your soul” so to speak. But not in preparation for battle. But rather in the spirit of compromise. Negotiate your way through problems. That way, all parties will feel as though they got a “good deal”.

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2 years ago, Vectorvault started getting calls from important people in the world of vector art and stock image marketing. These giants took a look at our modest niche community of 22,000+ International vector art lovers and put us in a particular category. They defined us based on stats and a brief glance. They could not understand how such a small site with no substantial advertising budget could rank above them in key searches. They were curious. Maybe even a little annoyed. Not sure.

We decided not to partner until we were worth partnering with. That time is now.

Patience has played a role. This year I challenged myself to define this project. To chart a course for it, rather than wait for someone else to decide it’s destiny or purpose. I activated parts of my brain that had never been turned on before. I asked for support and I got it.

You have been a key ingredient. Your involvement has created ripples that have finally touched the shores of islands of opportunity that were unaccessible to us before.

I had allot of help from people far smarter than me. With their assistance, I wrote a 125 page Business Plan. My first. 7 years ago, I wrote a patent for a product that I designed called The HELPING HANDle. It almost cooked my brain. Looking back, that was a piece of cake compared to this.

But I did it. Along with a tidal wave of design and content. But I did not do it alone.

Jeff Nolan has been my wingman since the “first click”. He believes in the brand and he believes in me. He has built a magnificent engine and inserted detail that only a real appreciator of code could love.

Thanks to the Small Business Internship Program with Industry Canada, I got to work with Justin Lee (@kraise) last Summer. His efforts really allowed me to entrust my brand voice to a creative individual with great instincts. It allowed me to strategize. It allowed me to think. To listen.

My business consultant Joseph Lan is a patient person. He has a great way of explaining complicated concepts in a way that even an “artist” like me could understand. He empowered me this year to be a heat seeking missile for investment and partnership opportunities.

I treasured my conversations this year with Sue McGill, Kevin Shea, Mark Hale, Kerri Henniberry, Christine Sharp, Kevin Gonsalves, Jason Lee, Simon Raybould, Paul Hains, Erwin Rivera, Andre Agate, Andrew Laing, and my family of course.

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This year we put that Business Plan in motion, creating a new look for Vectorvault, a line of Custom Vector Art Prints, stunning examples of vector creativity and inspiration, and a new wave of vector products for 2012 that will revolutionize how you find it and use it.

We found out who we are, and what we stand for. We defined terminology, and provided, FREE resources. Always on the lookout for partnership opportunities designed to benefit both parties.

Our FREE Daily Vectors still keep them coming back for more. But what we really love to see is how they use it. We did our best in 2011 to connect with as many of you as we could. Let’s work on our “friendship” in 2012. What can we do for each other?

2011 was filled with “jumping over people” and “gobbling up” information. That’s “checkers”.
2012 will be a game of chess. You have assisted us in placing all of the right pieces on the board. Strategically, we are poised for all of the right handshakes. Because of you, I am ready to make some decisions. Regardless of the outcome of those decisions, I finally feel ready to make them.

Over 22,000 members are the lifeblood of Vectorvault. This incredible, niche collective is of the highest caliber. Swirling around in here are some of the most talented people. I never knew they existed until I started to look.

We want to know what you are working on, what you think, and who you love. we’ll do the rest.
Thank you for a great year. Every “click” from you is valued and effective. Just remember:

It’s not checkers. It’s chess


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