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Brusselssprout is a free curatorial magazine on contemporary thinking and emergent art. It aims to become an open, independent and alternative platform offering content related to the artistic and cultural world.

It strives, with the help of the curatorial endeavours of artists and projects that can contribute a different layer to the ever more monopolized artistic scene.

The third issue is “Dubai Graphic and Visual Encyclopedia”, Dubai Manifesto 3/3. Adapted for the latest electronic devices (Ipad, Kindle, etc), Brusselssprout can be downloaded quarterly in ePub and PDF format from the magazine’s official website.

To consider compiling an encyclopedia (of any kind) in post-Wikipedia times is an exercise in emotional withdrawal. From a position of bewilderment and confusion we choose to act by producing and employing another tool from the land of the naive and outdated, represented by encyclopedic work, devoid of all logic and meaning considering current cultural conditions and speed. What the first edition Dubai graphic and visual encyclopedia presents is a reality that acts as a counterpoint to all the excess of attempts to decipher and understand Dubai. Attempts that are mostly unable to uncover items that shed light on the question ‘What’s it all about’?

Source: arch daily

Technical Information:
Dubai Graphic Encyclopedia + CD
Size 180 x 190 mm (Landscape)
Extent :176 pages Soft cover
ISBN: 9-788461-535668
Limited Edition: 1,250 copies
Authors: Ignacio Gomez, Blanca Lopez
Edited & published by Brusselssprout 2011

Available at Brusselssprout Store and in UAE at Jashanmal Bookstores and Kinokuniya Store.


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