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Seamless Vector Patterns by Oksancia Pasishnychenko

Turning patterns from nature into profit

Groningen, Netherlands

Oksancia Pasishnychenko is just the kind of person that we look for. Fun, creative and passionate about vector art. Her line of incredible seamless vector patterns can be used to produce beautiful textiles and patterns for just about anything. Her iStock Portfolio has a wonderful blend of creative selections.

She loves what she does and it shows

Just listen to her talk about her designs. What I see here is a savvy young business woman with the soul of an artist and everyone down here at Vectorvault Headquarters thinks she’s just as cute as a button. : )

You can hear the honesty in her voice when she talks about her work. I bet that she’s the kind of person that finds inspiration in the most unusual places. We could all learn a thing or two about that.

Get to know the work of Oksancia

We love putting a spotlight on designers who are making a difference in the world of vector art. We believe Oksancia to be such a designer. We are watching her portfolio closely and trying to learn from her well-explained tutorials.

This is a designer who has taken hold of her future and used vector art to do it. I can’t think of a better collection to feature today. Oksancia, you are an inspiration to many. Good luck to you and don’t stop uploading to our Facebook and Behance Groups. We love your work. We’re fans! : )

Building a product line one pattern at a time


Want to know more about this talented vector artist?
Her story is

Here is more about the artist:

At the age of six I was brought by my mother to the art school in our small town Striy in the west of Ukraine where I was born. After hundreds of times watching me drawing and painting (mostly cats and other weird-looking animals), my parents decided that I should try to develop my skills in painting and drawing…I went there for a year and I loved it! However, after the teacher changed, I decided to concentrate on my school studies.

After finishing school in 2002 I entered the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv where I studied English and Dutch languages and literatures. I was painting as a hobby during all school and university years. Having finished my Bachelor programs on English and Dutch languages and cultures I started developing the skills in my lifetime passion: art.

In 2006 I moved to Groningen, the Netherlands, to study Dutch culture. After obtaining both of my Master Degrees in Kyiv and in Groningen I started practicing vector art, especially illustration. My freelance work began with contributing my vector illustrations to photostock agencies. Simultaneously with building my portfolio of commercial illustrations, I created a range of vector works that illustrate my optimistic vision of the world.


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  • Big fan of her work and approach.

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