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vector kawaii illustration “Lil Paula Deen” by Jerrod Maruyama

San Jose, CA

*WARNING: The following artwork is highly adorable.

Jerrod Maruyama has an own able style that he seems to apply successfully to a wide range of characters. This delicious little kawaii portrait of Paula Deen is no exception. Take a nibble on Jerrod’s portfolio and see why we are such big fans of his adorable take on pop culture icons.
Casa Kawaii

Jerrod has a Masters Degree in adorable. See for yourself:

Jerrod Maruyama is an active member of the Vectorvault Flicker Community. We are so glad to have members like him supporting the vector art community. He’s an inspiration, and we hope that you get to know his work well. He’s cornered a marketable style that resinates with many. That alone is worth admiration.
If you have some vector art of your own that you want to share with us, please upload it today on Flickr:

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