Vector art and the talented artists who create it

(VIDEO) Sharpie wielding robot makes vector posters


Drawing upon vector art

MWM Graphics (A.K.A. Matt W. Moore) has combined two of my favourite things: Vector art and Sharpie markers, to create beautiful works of geometric perfection. With the aid of a robotic arm, these vector graphics really come to life in a poster series that is nothing short of stunning. Visit their store for more information. In the mean time, wrap your eyeballs around this:

Isn’t geometry beautiful?

The write stuff

Robot Drawings! Aarn explains – “Vector graphics are converted into a tool path and then a machine language which controls a 3-axis CNC Machine retrofitted with a special fixture that holds a marker and mimics hand pressure during the act of drawing. Thirty-three mechanical drawings in three designs were produced using this process.” Each drawing comes with one of the Sharpies used and is shipped safe in a 4″ mailing tube. Created on beautiful French Dur-O-Tone 80lb paper and signed/numbered with pencil. Enjoy 🙂

game-thrones opening animation



Source: Notcot
MWM Graphics
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