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FREE Vector Download – The Great Seal iPad Graphic

Show me the money

The Great Seal has many mysterious and sinister theories swirling about it’s origins on the back of the American One Dollar Bill. Now, you can download a vector traced version here. As you can see, this artist has done a fine job capturing the detail to use on an engraving for his iPad. What will you do with it?

This seal has been approved

Not certain how long this link will be active so cash in now.
What would George think about this?

Source: Notcot
Posted to Reddit.
AI file posted in the comments of that post.
Download file directly here.

Cha Ching!

Vectorvault also offers some cold hard cash (in vector format that is). Capitalize on these selections:
one-dollar-bill-buy-search-vectorsgeorge-washington-dollar-buy-search-vectorsgreat-seal-buy-search-vectorsdollars-buy-search-vectorsshutterstock-buy-vectors-search-photosCan’t get enough vector art? Take this one for a spin:


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