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(VIDEO) Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

Germaphobes rejoice

Now you can throw your keyboard in the sink and give it a scrub (not kidding).

Clean and mean

From time to time, I leave the comfort of the Vectorvault studio to work with clients on-site. I love to interact with teams and work within their own processes to make their clients shine. But I refuse to do it with a dirty keyboard. My first 10 minutes in front of a borrowed computer are usually spent wiping down the keys. Sound obsessive? Not when you see what comes off of these things.
The lady that I filled in for last month looked like he tossed a salad on her keyboard. I almost mistook her mouse for a small garlic bread.
Logitech has answered my prayers. I bought one last week and I’m so happy that I did.

Ever spilled something on your keyboard?

Look down at your keyboard right now

Perhaps it’s time to get a Logitech Washable Keyboard. Even the slightest spill, can be washed off in the sink. Take that cooties!

Equipped to “clean up”

• Washable keyboard: Easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design (see Product Description below for important washing instructions)
• Ultra-durable: Built to take a washing and pounding – durable keys with laser printing and UV coating
• Comfortable typing: Familiar keyboard layout and clean contemporary design feels and looks great
• Plug and play simplicity for Windows PCs: Plug the keyboard into your computer and start typing – no software to install
• 12 shortcut hot keys: Instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch

The specs

• Product Dimensions: 18.7 x 5.8 x 1.4 inches ; 5.3 ounces

Work clean

Dirt? Dust? Grime? Life happens and this keyboard is ready. Give it a deep soak. It’s easy to clean*, built to be hand washed and designed with long-lasting keys that can take a pounding—including one-touch keys that get you right to whatever you want to do.


You’re gonna need a good mouse to go with it



R.A.T. 9 Professional Wireless Mouse

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