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Gardening – Applying the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Nature


When Mother Nature sends you a friend request –
Accept it.

Entrepreneurs take chances. They roll the dice. They plant seeds and keep an eye on things. Applying these principals to growing something can do marvellous things for your mental and physical health. Not to mention a few raised eyebrows from the lady who walks her dog by your house every day.


Social Networking from the Heavens

Working from Home is not for everyone. But for those who make it work, the things you have to do, slowly become the things that you want to do. Not sure how. They just do.
A little time in “the dirt” gives your professional passions that positive “bump” when you need it the most.
Even “chores” like cleaning the garage, or raking some leaves, become little customized puzzles that lead to great rewards and feelings of self-accomplishment. It’s all in how you look at it. Adjust your perspective accordingly.
You will also find that it clears some of the clutter in your mind, making you more prepared to tackle other challenges.

Luck favours the prepared


Don’t design it. Guide it.

Watching stuff grow is therapeutic. In addition, breaking away from the computer to push a lawnmower is the perfect way to start circulating blood and ideas.
Steer projects into the sunshine. But as in business, you have to allow things to move at their own pace.
You will learn a thing or two about patience. Do your part, but delegate the rest to the birds and the bees. Then kick your feet up and reap the benefits of your investment.


Observation is an action.

Take a moment to admire your garden. Show your plants some love. But don’t forget to pat yourself on the back in the process as well. You played your part.
Your garden serves as a reminder that you are not a sum of ones and zeros. You’re a real person. You have instincts that result in beauty that can be enjoyed.


Who needs a gym?

Mother Nature is a relentless trainer. But her routines are designed to improve your view along with your health.


Living Analytics

Sometimes when you are submerged in a project, you forget how far it’s come. The same with your Garden. Keep your eye on the Petunias kid. That’s no bar graph. That’s a living thing responding to your work.
Pie charts are not half as pretty as a Hibiscus in bloom. But in a way, they both convey the data. Pay attention to both and use those observations to plant things where they will grow on their own.


Do you have a green thumb?

…is it from texting?

Tell us about your own experiences helping plants to grow, raking leaves or mowing the lawn.
Do you enjoy it or do you view it as a distraction from your Entrepreneurial Focus?
We want to know:

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