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evolution of web design

Everything has changed for the better

Having a modern website is absolutely necessary for protecting your online reputation, for doing business effectively, and for communicating with others. Consider this question: in 5 years how many times did you upgrade your cell phone? If you said 2 or 3 times then you are on track with the national average. So why, then, did you make the upgrades? To stay current, fresh, and to help ease communication efforts, right? Websites work the exact same way, and having a modern one that reads and functions as such is vital to the service you are offering. The great thing here is that you can achieve this without paying lots of money. In fact, you can get one without paying a single cent. When you choose a cool free design from, you are putting yourself at the forefront of digital modernism, and your audience will feel refreshed rather than repulsed at your stagnant efforts.
evolution of web design

Are the Changes to Web Designs all that Noticeable?

Is your current iPhone or Android all that different from the phone you carried in 2007? Web designs, compared to the early ones, are as different as night and day. In an article by Great Britain’s Telegraph, the author reveals just how far web designs have evolved. In looking at the first websites for Apple, MSN, and BBC News, and when putting them side-by-side with their updated versions, the differences are staggering. If you really want to get shocked over how some people remain stagnant in website designs, just visit on online real estate directory and look at the different agent’s websites. Some are as old as the mid 90s! It makes no sense!
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What’s New in Web Design Today?

The economic time we live in now dictates much of what is going on in the arena of web design. Net Magazine is quick to point out that the economic fallout continues to better industries worldwide. Mobiles are greedily gobbling up market-share from the desktop, native apps are threatening aspects of the open web, and paywalls are barricading previously openly available information. In short, what this means is that everyone is in a race to design the latest and greatest web technology, and to out-do their threats by imposing something better in all respects. For example, modern websites are responsive now, meaning whether you view them on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, they are designed to scale down to the best viewable size right on your device.
As for the aesthetics in play, full-scaled images are becoming popular, versus the “box and field” layout. Furthermore if you don’t have HD images, you have fallen behind more than you suspect. Also, adding little features like a QR code, videos, and advanced shopping cart software (if your website in question represents your business) is a must. When people visit your site, not only should it look modern and new, it should function with total ease.
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The Choice is yours

Do your research, and take a look at the free websites companies that are out there. If they are unable to stay current in web design, then they are not worth your time or effort. Continue to evolve both in the concrete and virtual world.


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