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(Video) Kenner Star Wars Toy Factory – 1978

When I was a kid…

Star Wars was it. All of my friends were into collecting these awesome toys. Like it or not, it sent me on a path towards “creative endeavours”. So you could image my delight when this group of photos came to our attention via (and I’m not making this up) Darth Ray.
A mixture of product photography and a few candid black and white snapshots of the inner workings of the Kenner Toy Factory. And as every kid knows, Kenner made the toys for the Star Wars Franchise.
Learn more about the Kenner Toy Company here.

Black and White and outta sight:


Not the magical place that I imagined as a child

But such a cool peek into a world that few fans have ever seen.


Not enough for you?

(if you are hardcore – you can watch 7 minutes worth of Kenner Star Wars Toy Commercials here.

You’ll find more photos from the above series here

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May the Force be with You

Don’t look surprised, you knew that was coming at some point.


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  • @stawars ignited my imagination. I was about 5 – My son’s age now. These shots triggered my childhood imagination. Good times.

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