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The White Whale, A Moby-Dick Inspired Illustration by Dan McCarthy

Thanks to Laughing Squid for this one.


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Moby, I can relate brother

There have been days that I have felt exactly like that. Like the tentacles of my life all over me – work, relationships, family. This illustration is dramatic and striking. Something about it really captured my attention.

Keep swimming

Just remember little fish, it’s counter-productive to forecast your own demise. Push your flippers and keep your chin up. As my Gran would say: “This too shall pass“.
Like you, I have allot going on. It is difficult sometimes to even stay focused on one task at a time.

“Some people build their own storms.
Then complain when it rains”

Those words made me take pause. So did this epic image.


Chin up "big fella"

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The White Whale is a Moby-Dick inspired illustration by Dan McCarthy that shows a giant scarred up white sperm whale charging through a large group of squid and sharks. Prints are available to purchase online.

image via Dan McCarthy
post via Laughing Squid

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  • Beautiful and tragic at the same time. Love this image.

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