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Think Insights with Google, an experimental marketing research library that Google has been developing for the last three months is now out of beta and available for anyone to check out.

The idea behind Think Insights is that it gives marketers access to Google-sponsored research, search stats, and emerging trends as well as a multimedia library with various case studies, infographics and video content that help advertisers know who they should target, and how they should advertise (with Google, of course.)


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Understanding Trends

By far the handiest feature of Think Insights is its Real-time Insights Finder, a rich Web application toolkit that lets users see what is being searched, watched, and talked about across the Web in real time.

One such tool, “Insights for Search,” is similar to Google Trends or Ngram viewer. It gives users the ability to enter search terms, filter by search type (Web, image, news, product,) filter by geographic region and date, and download them as CSV text files for integration into databases or spreadsheets.

Think Insights also includes Google’s AdWords keyword search tool, AdPlanner, YouTube Dashboard, and “What do you Love?” search.

Google Real Time Insights Finder can be found under the new Think Insights page.


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