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The Vector Lab – High Quality Vectors


Quantity is what distinguishes these vectors

It’s no secret that we here at Vectorvault are big fans of the work going on at Vector Lab. This boutique vector collection has a niche range of really well crafted graphic tools.
We couldn’t resist drawing your attention to some of the classic engravings and woodcut style pieces here. The perfect addition to any project that requires an established look. Tremendous time savers:


We like the brand positioning

Ray Dombroski and his team have done a great job building a solid product line. We intend on celebrating new releases and specials when they come up. For now, stay close to this brand.

Highly recommended

We had a great experience interacting with this brand recently. It showed us a thing or two about how this company operates. Professional and centred on you – the designer. Not your pocket book.
From the video above, it seems that Ray has been down the path of surviving the lifestyle of a graphic designer. Channeling those learnings into solutions for other designers is just good business. We approve.


The Vector Lab - Detailed Vector Art - Competitive pricing



The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen

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