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Mondel?z claims Back to School with striking Retail POS

Toronto, Canada,

All Aboard

The people behind Mondel?z International have ambitiously set their sites on the Back-to-school snack segment. A challenging shopping window, that requires strategic solutions, good timing and a little “magic“.
So when Mondel?z challenged Proprint with the task of maximizing their retail footprint, they knew that it would require an unconventional approach. An artistic one in fact that features the product intertwined with back to school imagery.


Beep. Beep.

A new school year brings with it a sense of excitement for parents and kids alike. This custom bus was engineered to feature 8 product bays and a vibrant graphic treatment. Making it not only functional, but interesting and engaging.


It’s in the details

Richard Krakower, of Proprint explains where the vision for this Retail Point of Sale display series originated:

“Mondel?z set out to turn heads. This was a client-driven initiative by a brand who knows what makes their consumers “tick”. We simply translated that expertise into functional pieces.”

Using trade secret techniques and innovative materials certainly help you stand out. But at the end of the day, it needs to look good. That’s why the opinions of young people were so important to its development. The design team relied on the opinions of kids to appeal to kids (and parents too I suppose).
Not by using focus groups (Sometimes those can really miss the mark), But by talking to kids and most importantly listening to their opinions. Especially when it’s related to designs aimed at capturing young imaginations.
Do you want to know why these retail displays look like so much fun? It’s because kids (and a couple of grown ups) had allot of fun making them.



Adapting to various retail areas give these displays the edge. By simply using existing Mondel?z branded tilt back displays or customized book cases, retailers can have some fun of their own by expanding the bus and their Mondel?z product offering. So far the feedback from the field has been very positive. And when product merchandisers like it and find it easy to activate, that’s when it truly comes together. After only a week in market, this retail display series seems to have anchored itself across the board from small to large stores. A consistent look says something about a brand.


Unlocking Brand Potential

What we like most about this series is the fact that Mondel?z did not ask permission. They simply claimed the phrase Back to School (in French as well). They don’t beat around the bush with their positioning and as you can see from the lockers below, they want to be noticed.


The Right Retail Combination

By treating the retail display lockers with the same level of detail as the Back to School Bus, consumers and kids alike are drawn to it. Matched with vibrant SKUs that already have an emotional connection with shoppers.


Mondel?z takes it’s competitors to School

We always keep a look out for great retail display programs. This one gets an A+ for design, strategy and visual appeal.
Well done Mondel?z. Excellent execution Proprint.

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