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Happy Haven School – Tobago, West Indies

Gerald Paul Caracciolo Scholarship Fund

My uncle Gerald was born in Trinidad. He moved to Canada with the rest of his 11 brothers and sisters to build a new life. Together with his wife Susan, they raised 5 amazing children in Northern Ontario. He built a business and along with it customized homes and cottages. A design genius and an honest business man. He never forgot where he came from and always kept a connection to it.

Home is where the heart is

He returned to build a beautiful home in Tobago that our entire family has enjoyed over the years.
He also donated his time to a small, struggling school for the mentally disabled on the island. For years he used his talents to fix and build for the Happy Haven School. A school that supports and educates special needs children in Tobago. No small task I can assure you.
My uncle gave these lovely forgotten angels a message that friends and family in far away places care for them. What a wonderful thing to do. Today the school and it’s students are thriving.
He travelled countless times between Canada and Tobago. Each time, bringing supplies, his wonderful smile and hope.

A Fund – In his memory

Gerald was taken from us by Cancer. He fought it like a champion. His memory lives on in a family organized fund donated in his name that supports the Happy Haven School. The people on that island remember him and what he did for those children.

A helping hand

Every year, my Mom, Aunts and Uncles pull together and organize a donation for the School (Gerald observes). This year, I feel exceptionally proud of him and the ones he left behind to carry on. These special kids matter to us, because they mattered to him.

A money order in the amount of $1,480.00 CDN was sent to the Happy Haven School in Tobago through the Tobago Council for Handicapped Children and Mrs. Dianne LeCointe, the Principal of the school.

Put to good use

The morning before receiving the donation, the teaching staff held discussions on the needs of the students and discovered that they have out grown their clothes for participation in the annual Special Olympics Games. So the money will go toward supplying new games clothes for 34 athletes for Special Olympics which takes place early in the new term. How exciting.

With gratitude

The teachers asked us to “kindly convey our expressions of thanks to all who contributed” and informed us that the students are doing gardening. learning to play the steel pan, going swimming and water therapy, learning home management skills as well as participating in horse back-riding which is therapy for them in addition to their academics.

Gerald would have approved. He was an inspiration to many and continues to be one for the next generation. My uncle was a super-hero. He cared about people and designed his life around leaving this world better off that he received it. I think about him all the time.

Making a difference

We have just completed a new wing which houses larger classrooms and an added sick-bay and doctor’s examination room as well as a principal’s office. We continue to try to expose them to a rich curriculum to cater to many areas of their need. Again many, many thanks and best wishes and do have a peaceful and holy Christmas.

Thanks to those who contributed

On behalf of the pupils of the Happy Haven School we thank you for your generous support in Gerald’s memory and wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.


My Uncle’s legacy lives on.
I am so proud of him and the family that
carries his spirit with them every day.

He built this:

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