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Watch Game of Thrones Season 4

Valar Morghulis

(All Men Must Die)

Season Premier : April 6, 2014

Game of Thrones is moving into it’s fourth and most anticipated season yet. Vengeance, passion, greed and power all play their roles in driving these characters towards collision. Season 3 proved that no one is safe. I’m already preparing myself for the loss of a few more of my beloved and hated characters.

I have rounded up some great videos that give you a look at what is to come.
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GOT Se4 :: Trailer

GOT Se4 :: Fire and Ice – A foreshadowing

GOT Se4 :: Secrets

GOT Se4 :: Costumes

GOT Se4 :: Directing

GOT Se4 :: Weapons and Training

GOT Se4 :: On the set

GOT Se4 :: The wedding

GOT Se4 :: A hero will rise

GOT Se4 :: Devil

GOT Se4 :: Vengence

Winter is over

The production on this series rivals many big budget Hollywood pictures. And you can see from the videos above, the artistry and craftsmanship plays a strong role in it’s success. I for one am looking forward to getting lost in the details.

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