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Vectorvault is 10 – Chapter 4



If I was going to acquire venture capital, I would need to “step it up”

That started with the Vectorvault Store.
With the help of a trusted friend, we redesigned the store and it’s product pages. In addition to new vector tools, I also introduced a line of customizable vector art prints sized to fit IKEA frames perfectly.

Eventually, I resurrected some art from my past. Anything to expand the brand’s reach.

Search. Find. Buy. Go.

We kept it simple. Fast.

Presenting Vectorvault as a financial investment

I’m an artist. Always have been. I wish that I had a better head for business but I’m afraid that I’m just not fully wired that way. I can’t help it. That’s why I was so appreciative when Joseph Lan of Venturcon agreed to help me define this brand’s potential. Together, we shaped an idea into an attack plan.

I wanted to build the first search engine of its kind

Not easy to do or cheap. I had to convince others that I was worth taking a risk on.

I educated myself about the stock image market

invest with vectorvault stock

Identified my strengths and weaknesses

invest with vectorvault stock company

Set goals

invest in vectorvault vectors

Finding the right investor(s)

I wish that I could share some of the more detailed aspects of the Vectorvault business plan ( I have done 5 of them), but that would be giving away too much. I felt confident that I was going to spark someone’s interest in this brand. I had good support and experience doing successful presentations for big brands. How different could it be to internalize these skills for my benefit?

But an investor presentation is nothing like a creative presentation. There is a structure that must be followed and if you miss a step – it could be all over before it even starts.

With a little coaching, I rehearsed my script and headed out the door to get that cheddar. Or so I thought.

invest in vectorvault

Why should I invest in vectorvault?

Good question. I did my best to answer that for a whole litany of successful investors. Alas, none of them seemed to stick. I think it might have had something to do with the minor fact that Vectorvault was not making any significant profit. Investors tend to get hung up on tiny details like that. But it didn’t stop me. I continued to refine my approach and highlight the investment’s potential. I knew that in order to make money I needed to find money.

Some experiences were positive. Others had me feeling pretty crummy about myself. One morning, after a disappointing presentation, I found myself locked away from the door that I came in and was forced to exit on an empty side street. While I sat there feeling sorry for myself, I heard the steady clip clop of high heels. And low and behold, Arlene Dickinson was heading my way in a hurry.

A chance meeting with a Dragon

A friend of mine had forwarded an investment summary to her a couple of months ago and I never heard back. It happens. She’s busy. The street was empty. I figured that an opportunity like this one was not a coincidence. So I politely smiled and said:

“Hello Arlene, my name is Adam. A friend of ours spoke to you about my project Vectorvault…”

She smiled back and said:
“Yes, I remember.”
She went on to tell me that she found it “interesting“, and as busy as she most certainly was, she asked me to contact her assistant for a meeting.
That treasured moment inspired me and really made me feel optimistic and happy. And what a story to tell my wife when I came home.

I gave it my all

Arlene met with me on 3 occasions. There was a genuine interest in learning about my brand and me. That’s the great thing about her. She’s present. That made me feel at ease. She asked thoughtful questions and eventually asked me to submit it to a colleague for review. Unfortunately, it did not conclude in investment.

But I was double-dared to find a way to turn on the taps and (who knows) perhaps return one day for another conversation.


If I couldn’t find the money, I would find a way to pay for it myself

In the two years that I spent preparing and presenting, the brand became neglected. I was not developing products or content at the same pace. And after a strong attempt to find the financing, I found myself right back where I started.

I returned to the brand


The product line improved


Things were looking up

Little did I know, someone had other plans for me. And my trusting nature allowed me to open myself up to a vulnerability. One that would cost me dearly.

I did not even see it coming. Keep reading. It’s heart-breaking. But there is a lesson in it:



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