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Book Trailer – Unventional: Ideas Too Good To Patent

by Tom Giesler

Years ago when Vectorvault was just getting started, we discovered Tom’s work. As an accomplished patent illustrator, he had already achieved a great deal of respect. Technical drawing is a specialized form of illustration that draws upon several disciplines. And Tom is very good at it.
Trust me. I’ve tried my hand at it. It can be challenging.

Big Fans

His new book looks amazing.

But it was Tom’s whimsical images that captured our attention. His artwork has shown that technical work can have personality and in the case of his new book: create smiles.

Buy it today

This book makes a perfect addition to any virtual bookshelf and a great gift too.
It’s available on Amazon and through the Apple iBooks Store
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Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters: “Tom Giesler has the illustrator’s version of perfect pitch. His drawings perfectly capture the sense of strange adventure inherent in every patent drawing. This book is a virtuoso performance.”

David Rees, author of How To Sharpen Pencils: “Brilliant, hilarious, and weirdly inspiring, Unventional will forever change the way you look at objects that don’t actually exist.”

Bill McKibben, founder of “I’m very glad the world’s major problems are now solved, so those of us who’ve been working on them can get back to drinking, sleeping, and so on!”

Fernando Cota, former U.S. Patent Office examiner: “Mr. Giesler has, for better or worse, applied the principles of open sourcing to the patent process. His cavalier vision is a world free from patent attorneys, licensing, patent examining fees, and, unfortunately, regard for public safety.”

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