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Omar – Art show – Toronto

This is not a love song

I’m a busy fella. So when a close friend of mine called and asked me to do some illustration work for a concert, I politely passed. That is until he mentioned that the concert in question was: OMAR.

It’s been 10 years since his last performance in Canada. And as of one of my all-time favourite artists, I could not pass up the opportunity to reconnect.

8 years ago, I sent him some artwork from Canada to the UK. He responded with a signed CD that read:

From one artist to another – Omar.

It has been perched on my magazine shelf in my office ever since. A reminder that whatever I do to make ends meet, at my core, I’m still an artist. Read more:


A soundtrack that inspires creativity

Omar’s music has been my creative fuel since I was in high school. Toronto college radio (CKLN, CIUT) first introduced me to his music. Long before the internet, there was a time in this city where underground parties allowed music like his to thrive and take hold. Those people remember. The torch has been passed to iLive Radio to keep Toronto’s love affair with Omar’s music growing. Discover more here.

Music used to be something you hunted for. Not downloaded. Sought after and treasured.
Today, I’m 44. Married with 2 kids and a mortgage. Yet his music remains in rotation in our house. Our kids love his voice.


Jason Henry, Principal at iLive Radio brought this concert to life with his team. In addition to the poster and media kit that I designed, he also invited me to also contribute 2 pieces of art to a show celebrating the music of OMAR. I accepted, and immediately got to work trying to remember what it felt like to be an artist again. I’m not going to lie: It felt pretty great.

The first piece is entitled: A decade overdue.

It’s a dimensional recreation of the poster I made for the concert. I wanted to incorporate some of the skills I have developed in the world of retail point of sale design.
It’s a portrait of Omar, Glenn Lewis, Ivana Santilli and Lisa Banton. . All performing together in Toronto. I illustrated it in pencil, then added layers of colour and geometry. It’s printed on B Flute corrugate and folded into a dimensional paper frame. (Available for sale soon – contact to inquire)


The second piece is entitled: I’m still standing.

Not only is it one of my favourite tracks from his album For Pleasure, it also holds a personal meaning for me.
In my darkest times, I have been reminded to put one foot in front of another. Perseverance is vital to an artist’s survival. It’s one of the reasons why Omar is still relevant and so well-respected across a wide spectrum of music.
For this one, I decided to build a portrait that showcases the depth of his music. I split it into 4 layers. Printing each on clear plastic and lining up elements with care. The effect is a piece that looks different from every angle.


Let there be light

The day of the show, I rummaged through my kid’s toy box to find some LED lights. My main man Naush die cut them in.


Did Omar like it?

Let me put it this way: When we met for the first time, I went in for a handshake. He went in for a hug.

Buy flat art poster versions

Limited Edition. Limited Run.
Not a concert poster – art.
Choose from 3 sizes that fit IKEA frames exactly.
Looks amazing. A must for any die-hard OMAR fan. Take a closer look:


In good company

I shared this event with two incredible artists.
Please take a moment to explore their work:


Read more about “The Man” here in this media kit that I wrote and designed to secure sponsorship. Why did I go the extra mile on this one? Simple: There’s no half way to the top.

A big thank you to Proprint for supplying all of the printing and finishing. And a special call out to Naush Ibrahim for designing the structures and assembling everything for me. If you have a need for any retail POS displays or packaging, please reach out. I’m happy to make an introduction.



The Poetry Jazz Cafe was the perfect setting. Great vibe.





Do you have your tickets yet?
Well, what are you waiting for?
This event will be one for the record books.


I left postcards and the story behind the art

adam jarvis omar art postcards

Still on the fence?
Let me set you straight:

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  • Omar Lye fook ! How do you know him from Canada ? Isn’t he from UK ?

  • vectorvault

    It’s true, he is UK based. My friends from iLive radio brought him here. I happen to know that he is returning this summer. You have too see him live – amazing talent.

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