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The Fives Azul – Resort Tour – Playa Del Carmen – Karisma Hotels Mexico

Great Family Vacation

Every year, my wife and I plan out a family vacation. We do our homework, measuring cost against value and service. This year we chose The Fives Azul Beach Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

We made this video the morning after we returned:

March Break in May

In the past, we have travelled at the beginning part of the year. We find the ocean too cold in January to March. This time we pushed it to the end of April and felt a real difference. It was 31 degrees celsius every day making the water just right.

Lucious Landscaping

What really captured our attention was the beautiful plants, trees and flowers on the property. You could tell that a great deal of thought went into that. Waking up to the sound of tropical birds was so wonderful. I wish that I had recorded those sounds – next time for sure.

They integrated the jungle into their more modern structures and it works. Our family went for long walks at night on the wide, wooden pathways. The jungle was flooded with colourful light. Very interesting to look at. Listening to the sounds of rusting animals hidden within it.

Great Service

We found the staff to be very accommodating and friendly. From the little touches to the problems that were quickly rectified, we found that we were treated well.

Good Food

As parents of 2 kids with picky tastes, we were happy to see our kids enjoying the food as much as we were. Karisma Hotels pays attention to the palettes of their guests. Everything was delicious.

Would we return?


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