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The Fives Azul – Resort Tour – Playa Del Carmen – Karisma Hotels Mexico

Great Family Vacation

Every year, my wife and I plan out a family vacation. We do our homework, measuring cost against value and service. This year we chose The Fives Azul Beach Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

We made this video the morning after we returned:

March Break in May

In the past, we have travelled at the beginning part of the year. We find the ocean too cold in January to March. This time we pushed it to the end of April and felt a real difference. It was 31 degrees celsius every day making the water just right.


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Proprint revamps Creative Department


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OMAR returns to Toronto – iLive Soulfest 2018

The UK Soul Legend is back by popular demand


iLive Soulfest has become the highlight of the Summer here in Toronto. This time, OMAR is performing along with MdCL for a team-up never before seen in Canada. This should be a special night. Don’t miss it.

Learn more about the Man here.

Expand this post for more music:

The Power Ball XX: Carousal – Toronto – Giant Archway Entrance – The Power Plant

The Power Plant collaborates with fashion house Max Mara, for the fourth consecutive year, to present Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball XX: Carousal.

Bompas & Parr designed the decor and Proprint Services Inc. did the print production and assembly of this large-format entrance archway. Read more about this project here.


Flawless – Finishing Touch – Idea Village

Removes hair instantly and pain free

New Jersey

for over 30 years, Idea Village has successfully developed as-seen-on-tv products for the US market and beyond. The Flawless hair removal system is one of their most successful brands. As this premium beauty line begins to take over the retail market, we decided to take a closer look at the packaging and POS surrounding this runaway hit.



Feeling Your Feelings – Rhea Lalla – Building Great Minds

Helpful Parenting Resource


Understanding emotions

Rhea Lalla has always been a great listener. Especially when it comes to young people. Her parenting resource Build Great Minds has opened the door to new approaches in family communication.

We just received a copy of her book Feeling Your Feelings. It has warm and inviting illustrations and language that parents and children can identify with. It accompanies the SuzieQ doll, a well-crafted toy designed to Build Emotional Intelligence.

Listen to Rhea and her perspective on building a bridge between you and your child in this challenging age:

Never before has information been so abundant
yet wisdom, so elusive.


Great work Rhea!

I endorse this project as both a designer and a parent.