TORONTO, ON (Sept 17, 2007MARCH 7, 2008) –

JUGGERNAUT Illustration and design Design Inc. lre-launches,

a stock house of vector art created for graphic design, web and video professionals.

In March of 2007 launched five critically acclaimed collections of vector clip art. Not willing to rest on the laurels of that success, Vectorvault™ has become more than an image library. Organic in its growth, it now incorporates a magazine / communitsocial networkingy format, called Anchorpoint™ which encourages user participation with features such as all of the “bells and whistles” that tech savvy consumers have come to expect. With bonuses like free daily vector downloads,, contests, news, tips, job postings and unique content.

Vectorvault™ is taking a calculated gamble by removing focus from it’s products. It is a risk that seems to be welcomed by an exploding vector art community.

“We made a decision to concentrate on the them squarely artists and what they bring to the tablethat bring them to life” says Adam Jarvis, Creative Director. “Our collections have been well received but to nurture this young brand and give it a voice of its own, we’re taking the focus off our products and giving centre stage to the artists themselves. Vectorvault™ will grow through the art and the designers who create the artwork.”

The robust WordPress architecture has already captivated a very specialized membership. This community is thirsty for fresh vector art content, and Vectorvault™ provides it by harvesting from the community itself.

With demand for graphic design and online media at an all time highshowing no signs of slowing down, there is a growing pool of talent. This talent needs a forum in which to showcase its work as the need for quality vector art collections is only going to increase.

Download a .zip file media kit (652 kb)


Interview with Adam Jarvis, creative director for

By Candace Sheppard, Digital reviewer

Candace Sheppard:

Tell me about yourself.

Adam Jarvis:

I’m an artist living in Toronto, Canada. I spent 14 years building my career in advertising. Working my way up from agencies like Cossette, Weis, and The Hive Strategic Marketing Inc., I’ve had the pleasure of building brands for Coca-Cola, Miller Genuine Draft and Nestlé.

Recently however, I’ve spent more attention on the most neglected brand – myself.

I resigned my five-year position as Associate Creative Director with support and understanding from my creative director and mentor. I’ve focused 100% of my time on two projects: and With a mortgage, a wife and a baby, I turned my back on a healthy paycheque and familiar surroundings. It’s taken over a year, and thousands of dollars, but I am proud to say both projects are alive and well.

CS: What is Vectorvault?

AJ: Vectorvault started as a vector art collection and was sold exclusively online at It has recently evolved into a magazine/online community for people passionate about vector art.

CS: What is vector art?

AJ: Vector art is a specialized digital format for creating images. Unlike raster files, which rely on pixels to build images, vector art is based on a system of anchorpoints, shapes, strokes and lines to create mathematical objects.

CS: What is the advantage of this format?

AJ: Vector files can be enlarged or reduced to any size without degrading in resolution. They are easy to use, small in file size and have a crispness that raster images cannot match. It is truly a unique art form.

CS: What is different about the new website format of

AJ: The difference is in the innovative approach to marketing. Our collections have been well received by many people from around the world. But feeling that the voice of this young brand has been lost, we’ve decided to take the spotlight off our products and shine it on the artists themselves as it is through the artists that Vectorvault will grow and give it the voice it lacks.

CS: What kind of features have you added to this new version?

AJ: The biggest difference visitors will notice is the content. Breathtaking images, some of the most incredible examples of vector art, are partnered with some really great writing. There are easy-to-search categories and circulating links to other exciting areas on the site. For our members, we rotate a free vector art file every day to inspire daily visits and help our audience build their own Vectorvault collection for free.

The site is also equipped with social bookmarking tools and commenting capabilities.

CS: Who designed the site?

AJ: Jeff Nolan of Nolan Interactive ( built it from scratch. I gave him a bucket of question marks and he responded with a bucket of solutions. I highly recommend his work as I trusted his instincts every step of the way.

CS: What improvements do you have in store for the future?

AJ: Eventually, Vectorvault will be the most reliable resource for vector art, with the main focus placed on quality.

CS: Your site gives visitors an option to join Anchorpoint™. What is that?

AJ: Anchorpoint™ is the name for the Vectorvault community. A newsletter goes out every couple of weeks, with free downloads, contests and bonuses that are exclusive to Anchorpoint™ members. Users can also download a free welcome kit of 30 Vectorvault™ vector files, simply for registering.

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