Niagara College • Outline

*This private page serves as an organic outline for Niagara College only. Please respect privacy and secrecy of this project. It’s success depends on professional discretion. Thank you.

This is our project road map, this is intended to adapt and grow as the project moves forward. It will be the team’s responsibility to follow it and undoubtedly along the way – edit it. This is the blueprint.

When corresponding with team members, always use clear email subject headings beginning with Vectorvault -. Ex:
“Vectorvault – UVSE – Testing”

Vectorvault is the Ultimate Source for Vector art. That brand claim has been our mantra from inception. Even though we were not in any position to make that claim, somehow we grew into it. And continue to live up to it.
Our network is spread out over several touch points. Each with it’s own function, but ultimately serve the same purpose:
Drive traffic to
The Ultimate Vector Search Engine (UVSE) and
The Vectorvault Store

The Vectorvault Social Media Network fuels much of the contact for the blog and monthly Newsletter. This fuels our membership (22,800). In turn, that traffic will be harvested into the Ultimate Vector Search Engine (UVSE).
The Vectorvault Store contains The Vectorvault Vector Library and continues to rank #1 for the search key phrase “buy vector“. A mixture of vector files of varying quality with a low conversion rate.

Home Page
User Registration

Circulation of traffic is very important. The UVSE is the main target for that traffic. Each property, has it’s own method of aiming visitors. The purpose of the UVSE is to convert that traffic into revenue through established API’s from partnering stock brands.

Affiliate Program
Free Vector Graphics

*All of the technology designed for this project must be iPad and iPhone friendly.

The heart of Vectorvault Phase5 is Vectorvault’s connection to external stock vector libraries (referred to as Partnering Stock Sites) and their affiliate programs via API. Each “partnering stock site” will have different variables to consider. API technology is temperamental and is often changed with little or no notice to re-adjust. Let’s build with that in mind. I would prefer to put extra detail into making it easier to manage and troubleshoot in the future.
There will be several search portals through out the Vectorvault Network. Widgets will be developed in several sizes, all of them with the same functional structure:

Text Field to enter search query
Submit button activates search query sequence and re-directs to the corresponding results page.
Drop down partnering stock site selection (editable)
*Defaulted to Search “All”

Here is sample API documentation from Shutterstock. Please review. Username and password access will be provided for Partnering Stock Sites.

*Sizes of search widgets will be decided based on opportunities. Artwork will be provided to Niagara College Team.

A landing page on (not active)
Home page
Free Daily Vector Page
Vector Art Prints Page
Selected pages
Main UVSE Landing Page
Main UVSE Results Page
Dedicated Partner Landing Page
Dedicated Partner Results Page
Search Key Phrase Index Page
The Vectorvault Store Home Page
The Vectorvault Store Product Pages

Once a search has been submitted through one of these touch points (depending on whether they select a specific “partnering stock site” or “all” – they will be forwarded to either:

Main UVSE Results Page or
Dedicated Partner Results Page

A search key phrase is entered into one of several UVSE widgets. That key phrase is sent to Partnering Stock Sites via API requesting returns that meet our criteria.

Returns are sent back to be displayed on a results page in a grid. Each set of results from each Partnering Stock Site will be displayed in it’s own dedicated row. These rows are randomly prioritized with each page refresh. Each row will have a “MORE” button to slide in the next set of returns for that key phrase.

Harvesting data on Vectorvault is of paramount importance. First, to understand behaviour and help to make decisions. Second is to create an offering for our partners. They are the main targets for future sale. It is important that they see the value of our data as well as the brand.
Vectorvault requires a dedicated dashboard for each partnering stock site. As well as a master dashboard that summarizes all traffic.
The dashboard must be robust and segmented into clear sections. If possible, pdf and csv export capabilities and dynamic graphs that are generated from collected data from the UVSE:

Popular Keyphrases
Social Media Data

• Google Analytics data?
* any other suggestions?

Once a return (thumbnail image attached to an affiliate link) has been displayed on the UVSE, it is echoed within framed windows like the one below. These Widgets take deliveries of returns and re-display them in other parts of the Vectorvault Network.
In this example, it appears in the header and footer of a blog post. We will need to produce vertical and square versions of this module.

How do we maximize the SEO opportunities here? Other than just images, can we carry any searchable data that will improve our appeal to Google?

Vectorvault has been out-manned for some time now. The execution of this project is a shift for this brand. The UVSE represents an important destination target for our traffic. Our task is to maximize it’s profitability, efficiency and functionality. We need to be mindful of any “leaks in revenue” and search for ways to make it a great search experience. This will require many hours of testing. We will all be challenged to look for weaknesses and correct them.
The UVSE is being positioned as the go-to search engine for vector art. We will encounter the unexpected. Adaptation is the key to success.

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