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(VIDEO) KN1GHT – Last Moon facebook Directed by Nicolas Pomet Music & Sound Design : KN1GHT

MAGNUM P.I. – Vectorized mustache

Brazil – Roberlan Borges is a fan of Tom Selleck (who isn’t?). So much so that he has crafted this illustration to television’s favorite mustached crime fighter. If you are a child of the 80’s or at least a fan of the re-runs, then you know what I’m talking about. Who would not want to […]


Get out your cassettes and blow the dust off of your break dancing shoes boys and girls. Here is a collection of vintage “boom boxes” for your pleasure. A Boombox – also known as ghetto blaster (since 1983), Jambox, Wogga box or (in parts of Europe) radio-cassette – is a name given to portable stereo […]