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SPECIAL DELIVERY: ADT drops off alarming direct mail

– Santiago, Chile

Great design comes in small packages it seems these days. For instance, this diabolically clever direct mail piece from DDB, Santiago, Chile.
ADT wanted to drop off a little message for condo owners who felt as though they were quite secure. POP! A reality check comes special delivery complete with a DVD to tell you otherwise.

I don’t say this often, but – “Heavens to mergatroid, this is sheer genius”.

“When not held flat, the boxes pop open to a cube, allowing them to be inserted under doors to lie in wait for the returning home owner. The owner sees the terrifying site of something that has gotten inside your home without your consent. To compound the brief moment of horror, it bears the slogan “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think” next to the ADT logo.”


Beyond Earth (23 Space Missions) – T-shirt

Calling all space nerds: Orbit your next party wearing one of these sweet shirts and you are sure to encounter one or two heavenly bodies. Exploration requires the right attire.

Robotic and human missions of exploration that extended beyond the Earth’s orbit. 23 historic missions in total (with an additional 6 separations) that are recognized for their notable achievements to various celestial bodies in our solar system with targets including the Sun, planets and their moons, comets and asteroids. Nearly every icon represents a specific robotic explorer (or series) with the exception of the Apollo program which continues to be the single human endeavor to ever go beyond the cradle.


ANIMATED VIDEO – Prada’s Trembled Blossoms

Prada Trembled Blossoms

“The ‘Prada Trembled Blossoms video‘ was put together by artist James Luna and based on James Jean’s Nouveau-esque wallpaper seen in the ad campaign. The short film is whimsical and enthralling, capturing the viewer from the first second to watch the transition of a cyber-woman’s journey through a magical Prada filled forest. At the end, she meets Pan who shows her how a tropical fish can transform into the stunningPrada Trembled Blossoms Bag. The bag is currently available at Saks and you will snap back to reality when you see the price tag. $1,675 through Saks.”

– Purseblog

So what do you think? Is it art or advertising? Is there a difference anymore? We would like to hear a review of this film from the perspective of someone who already has a passion for digital art – you. Thumbs up or thumbs down?