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Baby Car Logos


Dentsu ad agency created a series of clever advertisement for Minichamps, a diecast miniature car collectible: “baby” version of the logos! This is adorable and very creative. I’m certain that there are some vector artists out there that would love to attempt this with some big brands. Enjoy.

baby_original_logos_1.gifferraribaby car logo advertisement dentsu auto vectorvault free vector files free vector free vector images

jaguar baby car logo advertisement dentsu auto vectorvault free vector files free vector free vector images

masarati baby car logo advertisement dentsu auto vectorvault free vector files free vector free vector images

lambourghini baby car logo advertisement dentsu auto vectorvault free vector files free vector free vector images

*Thanks to our friends at Neatorama for this one.

Marcos Chin – Lava Life

New York, USA – has been a leading online dating site for over 10 years in Canada. There is no doubt that this advertising campaign had a great deal to do with that (2002-2005). Marcos Chin‘s unique illustration style was the engine behind this campaign’s success. Fantastic copy writing and art direction as well. Here are a few of our favorites:



MARCOS CHIN graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design, in Toronto, Canada. Since then, his work has appeared on book covers, advertisements, fashion catalogues, magazines, and CD covers. He has received a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and has had his work published in numerous award annuals such as Communication Arts and American Illustration.

Perhaps the most recognizable work amidst his portfolio are the illustrations he has done for Lavalife’s international advertising campaign; appearing on subways, billboards, print and online.

Marcos has given lectures throughout the US and Canada and currently lives in New York City, where he teaches Fashion Illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

VECTOR WAITRESS – Molson Canadian

Toronto, Ontario

Here is an illustration done for a patio sandwich board for Molson Canadian. It was created at the legendary Encore Encore Strategic Marketing (RIP).

Patio season is a very special time for Canadians, and this piece of creative needed to be eye catching and fun. It makes me want to sit down on a hot cartoon day with an ice cold cartoon beer. Mission accomplished Molson.

(I wonder how a colorful illustration that would naturally appeal to children could possibly make it through a brewery legal department. I guess we’ll never know)


THEATRE LOVE – Famous Players Illustration

Toronto, Canada

This is an example of an storyboard illustration for an animated short. The video was intended to run on theatre screens before the main feature.
Unfortunately, that project never made it to fruition. However, it has been revived to be used again one day.



Toronto, Ontario


Adam Jarvis is a creative director. He has enjoyed a successful 14 year career building brands for some of the world’s most noticeable names. Adam is also a classically trained painter and illustrator. These two sides of his creative life have been in constant conflict for many years. The strategic side of his brain and the free spirited artistic side finally collided in the form of an art show entitled BRANDED™. The show consisted of 12 female vector portraits created entirely out of logos. See how many you can find.

“My business life has been focused on building brands – designingadvertisements that sell things.

My artistic life has primarily been about the female form – painting portraits of women as powerful and magical characters.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter Olivia this year, I stumbled upon a place in which the two collide.

My new collection BRANDED™ is a series of 12 portraits. 4 of which are multi-layerd between 5 sheets of glass. Each digitally created piece is comprised from a pool of thousands of logos collected across my career as a graphic designer.

The subjects are also brands themselves. Transformed into goddesses of capitalism.

As consumers, are we defined by the brands we buy?Collectively are we the sum of our purchases?

The answer is the question – BRANDED™

Dedicated to my wife Natalie, my daughter Olivia,

and the memory of Gerald Caracciolo (June 22, 1957 – May 25, 2006)”

– From the BRANDED™ gallery program by Adam Jarvis

In addition, Adam also composed small poems to accompany each of his pieces to give you a sense of personality for each. The idea was that if a customer would identify with a piece on a personal level, they would take her home. His instincts were correct. All of these prints sold out.




Here is an illustration inspired by a 2006 Christian Dior sunglasses ad. It feature Scottish supermodel Stella Tennant. Artsit Harry Ma produced this entirely in Abobe Photoshop CS3.

Stella Vector, Harry Ma

Prints are available here.Source: deviant art