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Japanese Sake Bottle by SHOTOKU SHUZO

One of the most popular beverages in the world is Sake. Sake brewer SHOTOKU SHUZO has taken it’s packaging in a beautiful direction in hopes of catching the eyes of female consumers. These decorative capsules will most certainly have a life beyond just a night cap.

Design Blog :: SPGRA | Japanese Sake Bottle by SHOTOKU SHUZO.

Essential 1800 – Design your own bottle contest

Fact: Tequila and I do not get along.
A long time ago, I foolishly challenged my friend’s manhood with a bottle of “Mexican Fire Water” and successfully drank him under the table. I won. Or at least I thought that I won until I crawled out of a cab (literally) in front of my building. The next 6 hours are a blur of me weeping into my toilet bowl and vowing to NEVER touch the stuff as long as I live. That was over 8 years ago. To this day, Tequila and I don’t speak.

However, Vectorvault operatives uncovered this design contest that merges Tequila and digital art. Essential 1800 is a premium tequila with an interesting challenge that we are passing on to the Vectorvault community: Design your own bottle

When researching this brand: approach with caution. Respect the beverage.