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The Good Dinosaur – Teaser Trailer

Ever wondered what would have happened if that asteroid had missed us?

(Video) Disney’s Feast – Trailer

Playing in theatres before Disney’s Big Hero Six is this charming animated short is about food, emotional eating and the lengths that we go to for love.


Big Hero 6 – Disney Official Trailer

For its first Marvel adaptation, Walt Disney Animation Studios is bringing the publisher’s obscure ode to Japanese manga, “Big Hero 6,” to the big screen.

Now BH6 has a cult following. So anyone who follows Japanese-inspired comics or anime knows about this incredible group of misfits. This one could be a real hit. Looking forward to watching it with my kids. Get a real opinion.

I think the combination of Disney and Marvel will revolutionize cinema and storytelling in general for many years to come.

They are setting up a story-telling dynasty here. With the Marvel Universe at it’s disposal and a galaxy of stories and characters to draw from – the possibilities are limitless and the expectations are at an all time high. That’s usually when the art form (whatever it may be) is at it’s best.

My kids are already standing in line.

November 2014


Big Hero SiX Assembles in theatres only - Keep communication lines open for further details. ::::::::::: End Transmission.

See below to get a look at the comic.

(VIDEO) SUNSET by Cento Lodigiani

SUNSET from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.

Sunset is a beautiful animation by Cento Lodigiani capturing the beauty of the fading sun using black, red and black vector animated shapes.

(Video) URBANCE Official Trailer

Steambot Studios

URBANCE Official Trailer from Steambot on Vimeo.

URBANCE is based on a short film by animator Joel Dos Reis Viegas. The neon-colored series combines elements of SF, hip-hop, and just plane rave-flavored action: ‘In the big city, gender war rises. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus. Ruled by hate and anger, boys and girls grow up apart from each other, forming rivals gangs. Among these lost teenagers, Kenzell and lesya will fight adversity and defy all the rules in order to live their love and restore peace.’

(VIDEO) OREO Wonderfilled Anthem

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Oreo has launched an vector animated campaign to spread the good will allegedly induced by its famous cookies, imaging their powers of turning fairytale monsters into peaceful and fun-loving friends.
Created by The Martin Agency, Wonderfilled includes two animated commercials (the 30-second by design agency Royale, and the 90-second by director Martin Allais) that ask the question “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to…”, followed by a series of mythical baddies, such as the wolf that blew down the piggies’ houses or a vampire.

Delicious Branding

This adorable 90 second commercial are set to an original track composed by the Martin Agency’s creative director Dave Muhlenfeld, and interpreted by music artist Adam Young, aka OwlCity. As part of the campaign there will be further ads in the future, in different styles but all from the starting point ‘wonder if…’. It marks a stylistic departure for the brand, and according to Allais it took nearly a year to get the idea approved from initial pitches in 2012.
The campaign is now full steam ahead, launching during Mad Men in the US last weekend. The accompanying campaign website also allows fans to download the catchy tune, and the brand also staged a capella performances of it in US cities to help it catch on.

Via: creativereview

Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza Box

Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza Box