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Vector Animation – Sound Waves (video)

A dynamic journey of sound visualized dimensionally by motion artist Organic.

Vector Poster – Headphone Chimp by Steez

At $3.95, this poster has tow great things going for it. What’s the second thing you ask? It’s got a monkey wearing headphones. Are you not paying attention.

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Vector exploded turntable arm

This image would go great on a t-shirt or party flyer. Anyone who digs electronic music, would find this interesting. What are you waiting for? – make it happen!

Vector classic microphone

Check one two. Check one two. Is this thing on?
Here is a sweet illustration of an old school microphone. It’s iconic in a way that really brings to life the theme of music. While everyone else is going high tech, wouldn’t it be nice to swing in the other direction just for kicks.


I remember when music was much tougher to find and required a little bit of effort to record. Long before the iPod or even mp3s for that matter, I had a box of cassettes that really meant something to me. I am not ashamed to admit that I miss them all.

This vector texture is perfect for any project that requires a nostalgic touch.


Vector speaker woofer, speakers and LP

Vector Record Album

Long before cd’s, or dvd’s or mp3’s there was wax.

Now some of you “whippersnappers” may believe that the best music ever produced was created after the year 2000. Well, I’m here to tell you that you could not be more wrong. Albums are the keepers of great music.

Yes, it’s true, there have been several groundbreaking bands over the last 10 years. But they are grossly outnumbered by the ocean of talentless-bubble gum-pop stars that dominate modern radio.

What am I getting at?..oh…..I forgot. Here’s a great vector album. Go get it.