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Barack Obama Editorial Illustration by Adam Jarvis


Barack Obama Editorial Illustration by Adam Jarvis


OBEY Mural by Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is one vector artist who has proven that images can change the world. He is most famous for The Hope poster he created for the Obama Campaign. That image, crystallized the feelings of a generation.
His Obey brand is also a very recognizable signature that has secured it’s own place in vector art culture.
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We’re fans:


On January 20, 2009, history will be made. Out of the ashes of 8 years of corruption, incompetence and deliberate deception – a leader has finally come to bring change.

Now, I don’t think that this cat is the “second coming”. And I also have realistic expectations for what he can accomplish in such a short span of time. But I do know this: He has inspired me personally.

I am approaching 2009 in a different light. In spite of the flaming disaster that the Bush administration has left in it’s wake – I am optimistic. I hope that you are too.

Please enjoy this FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD tribute of Barack Obama.
* The only condition attached is that you use it with respect and not in any hateful manner.

Amy Winehouse for president?

Ricardo Seola made us stop and smile with this one. His take on Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama poster is pretty clever. Although Amy Winehouse is not currently running for office, I’m certain that there are those out there who could probably pick her out in a lineup against the likes of John McCain and Barack Obama

In all seriousness. Someone should really step in and stop her from killing herself in slow motion in the tabloids.

“Insert political joke here”

amy winehouse barack obama poster shepard fairey

amy winehouse barack obama poster shepard fairey

Shepard Fairey – OBAMA’S POSTERBOY

Los Angeles, California

When the street artist and guerrilla marketerShepard Fairey got word from theObama people that they would welcome his contribution to the campaign, he knew what he wanted to create: a phenomenon.

All political art is propaganda (that is the point), but most political posters are bland, forgettable, wallpaper, like Fred Thompson on an off day. Fairey wanted something more iconic — aspirational, inspirational — and cool. In other words, he wanted to make posters that the cool cats would want. The 2008 Democratic primary season equivalent of the Che poster (with all that implies). More Mao, more right now. The kind of poster that might make its way onto dorm room walls of fanboys. The kind of poster that might sell on eBay, as a signed Fairey Obama recently did, for $5,900. He wanted his posters to go viral.


“I wanted strong. I wanted wise, but not intimidating,” Fairey says of the look for his Obamas. The agitprop pop art has become a must-have accessory among a certain subset of the candidate’s supporters, who have gobbled up more than 80,000 of Fairey’s posters and 150,000 postcard-size stickers since Super Tuesday.

Who is this Shepard Fairey? He is a skate punk — with a secretary. A CEO in Puma sneakers. The rebel who did Pepsi ads. If you live in a big city, including Washington, you have probably seen his handiwork. Since 1989, during his student days at the Rhode Island School of Design, Fairey has been slapping stickers and pasting posters depicting the face of the Andre the Giant, the deceased French actor and professional wrestler, on every available surface, legal and not. Fairey has spent two decades shimmying up lampposts and over chain-link fences in a tenacious public art enterprise, irony performed on a landscape scale. Thousands of his Andre stickers include the word “OBEY” in bold lettering. What are we dealing with here? Obey what? Obey whom? A giant from France? Aha. You have cracked the code. It is reverse psychology. ( Pssst! Don’t obey.)



Here is a terrific poster of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the print is sold out and Obey does not plan on producing another edition. This screenprint was exclusively available through OBEY and the HOPE offset print will be distributed by the OBAMA Camp as an awareness campaign.Regardless of your political opinions, you cannot deny the charisma that this cat has. This poster is young and vibrant and full of optimism. Perfectly matched for this Presidential hopeful. To learn more about the man, please visit