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Happy 75th Birthday Batman

What do you get the guy who has everything?

To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC Comics had legendary animator and producer Bruce Timm create a new short film, “Batman: Strange Days.” It’s called “Strange Days” because Batman fights Dr. Hugo Strange.

Beyond Words


Like many of you, I am in shock after the horrible news from Colorado.
Wishing you all, Peace.

Vector Batman Cover – Detective Comics #745

I love Batman. I said it. I really love the timeless-cool of the character.
So much so, that I even overlook the Clooney disaster.
Great cover design.

(VIDEO) Superheroes Hipsters by Caldwell Tanner


Let’s face it, super heros can be a little “douchie”. I mean all of that “look at me, I’m saving a lady from a burning building”. It’s a little much, no?
Caldwell Tanner takes these tight-wearing egomaniacs down a notch with a few clever renderings. Well done sir.