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Atlas Brew Works – Outstanding Beer Packaging


Beer Packaging Design – Cervecería Sagrada


Design heavyweight José Guízar knows how to take beer packaging design all the way to the top turnbuckle.
This stunning execution is enough to turn a few heads at the bar with their mysteriously-dangerous face mask labels. And like the sport itself – I don’t care if this beer is fake. As a designer, it’s more important to me that it entertains.
This beer has my shoulders pinned even before my lips touch the bottle. An Intercontinental Champion of Packaging Design.

“The whole concept behind the brand and packaging is inspired by the golden era of lucha in the 1950’s, when movie heroes were not Superman or the X-Men — but El Santo and his wingmen, who fought creepy monsters driving a silver ’52 Alfa Romeo with surf music on the background. The variety of styles are named after fictional characters also inspired by the vintage lucha style; “Black King” Imperial Stout, “Blond Gomez” Lager and “The Vampire’s Son” Red Ale.”


Pembroke Craft Brewery Packaging

beer label

Gary Head Design has produced some elegant beer labels for Pembroke Craft Breweries. A wonderful type choice married with friendly colours. Well done.
I’m thirsty, how about you?

Via: The Dieline

Big Skull Pint Glass – by Upper Playground

Upper Playground’s line of home accessories connects you to culture and counter-culture. Long known as an innovator among design and fashion establishments in San Francisco, where its original “more than a store” is located, Upper Playground has produced fashions and films that connect the public to world-famous artists and designers as well as emerging talents.

Check out the big Skull Pint Glass ($15)

VECTOR WAITRESS – Molson Canadian

Toronto, Ontario

Here is an illustration done for a patio sandwich board for Molson Canadian. It was created at the legendary Encore Encore Strategic Marketing (RIP).

Patio season is a very special time for Canadians, and this piece of creative needed to be eye catching and fun. It makes me want to sit down on a hot cartoon day with an ice cold cartoon beer. Mission accomplished Molson.

(I wonder how a colorful illustration that would naturally appeal to children could possibly make it through a brewery legal department. I guess we’ll never know)