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Waterville, Maine – by Mike Dornseif

Mike Dornseif has never been to Waterville, Maine. But that did not stop him from imagining what it would be like.

“… to be honest I never even heard of it before. But after reading about it a bit it sounds like the place is super rich in history and has a lot of pride for community. So I think I have put it on my “to visit” list. Plus the name alone just sounds fun!”

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Ahoy, cruise ship cutaway

Royal Caribbean commissioned master illustrator Kevin Hulsey to create a cross section of the ship “Empress of the Seas“. You can take a look at a detailed view of his technique here, and close ups of the final art here. An incredible achievement.

This project presented many unique challenges. The actual ship (Radiance of the Seas) was still in Germany being completed for Royal Caribbean when I started the project. There was no photography or CAD reference to work from, only the paper blueprint you see below. In order to have the brochures completed by the time the ship went into service, the final illustration had to be finished in under two months.”

Kevin Hulsey

cruiseship1_vectorvault.gif cruiseship2_vectorvault.gif
You can view Kevin’s amazing portfolio in several languages: