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Jack Daniel’s Double Gold Medal Limited Edition Bottle Design

Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Editionvia: The Dielinefotolia-buy-vectors-search

Cala Wine Bottle Packaging (Conceptual)

Bottoms up


Conceptual brand and packaging design for Cala a Spanish sparkling wine label.
Via: The Dieline

Cala” in Spanish means “cove”. The main characteristic that the logo tries to capture are fluid, continuous, and elegant. A custom type is created using angles formed by the shape of a star, with interlocking illustration of grapes formation under the type as integrated part of the logo.”


Vector Packaging Design: Yellow Jacket BBQ Sauce


“Here’s a peek at a packaging project that is currently in the works for Saltwater Marsh Bar-B-Q. A small group of Florida students have been contemplating their own line of Bar-B-Q sauces & needed a little help with the branding portion of thier project. Their open minds, motivation & enthusiasm have made the labeling work a lot of fun… I don’t think I’ve ever met a group students that have been more oganized & on top things… it’s great! We still have a few tweaks here & there to make, but I’m so stoked about how the design is shaping up that I couldn’t wait to post the progress. Hope you enjoy!”

Designed by Kendrick Kidd

The Dieline via Notcot

Japanese Sake Bottle by SHOTOKU SHUZO

One of the most popular beverages in the world is Sake. Sake brewer SHOTOKU SHUZO has taken it’s packaging in a beautiful direction in hopes of catching the eyes of female consumers. These decorative capsules will most certainly have a life beyond just a night cap.

Design Blog :: SPGRA | Japanese Sake Bottle by SHOTOKU SHUZO.