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Vector Artist – Adhemas Batista

Los Angeles, CA


Corinthians' Fan Art

This Vector Artist has captured our imagination

Today, we started to receive notices from Behance about an artist that we all follow here named Adhemas Batista.
When you get one look at his portfolio you can see that he probably doesn’t get a whole lot of time to do much self-promotion. He seems to be just too busy for it.

So we decided to do it for him

At the very least – we offer a “little boost”. Not that this cat needs it. Just take a spin through some of these examples along with his story (Further down the post below). There is a “Gift” at work here. The kind of talent that makes you take pause. Perhaps even make you re-approach your own vector creative.

Ten Collection Fotolia Season 2 - Adhemas Batista

Ten Collection Fotolia Season 2 - Adhemas Batista

Amplifying Awareness

As he published projects to his portfolio Today, we added them to this post in real time. Why? Because his Vector Illustration styles are worth telling a few people about it. There is allot of range and character here.
After all, these images hypnotized you into reading this. If I’m lucky, you’ll take the next step and support this tremendous portfolio as it grows. (Read more by clicking “Continue” below)

Interview with Vector Master – Cristiano Siqueira aka CrisVector

vector illustrator Cristiano Siqueira aka CrisVector

Here is a look into the heart of freelance vector illustration from someone who certainly knows his way around.

Interview compliments of the fine people at csswow.

VIDEO: Vector animation – Cortejo by Marilia Poggiali

Brazil –

In a world where clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds are different kingdoms, one card waits for the visit of the four kings. Her destiny is to be a queen.

Cortejo from Marilia Poggiali on Vimeo.

“Cortejo is my graduation project in Visual Arts/Animation UFMG 2009. I hope you enjoy it!”
Marilia Poggiali

Guilherme Marconi – Vector Ninja Illustration


Guilherme Marconi is one of our personal favorites here at Vectorvault. Here is a deadly illustration entitled Ninja. It was produced for a very innovative Brazillian magazine called Zupi.

As you can see, the style is vibrant and beautiful. We hope that you find it inspiring.

You may also enjoy these artists from Brazil as well. All equally talented: