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(VIDEO) Opening Titles for DIGITIZED

DIGITIZED from Tony Zagoraios on Vimeo. Greece, We were asked to create the opening titles for Digitzed (A digital design conference in Greece It was such a pleasure finding ourselves experimenting and trying new things and styles. Special thanx s to Konstantinos Penlidis and Demetrios Fakinos.

“Life of Pi” an Adorably-Mathematical Tribute (Video)

Ian Summers is one of the many talented vector artists who have taken time to contribute vector art to the Vectorvault Flickr Group. This one is by far our favourite. Well done Ian. LinkedIn Tumblr Pick up the Tee here.

American Airlines – New Visual Identity – Futurebrand

American Airlines Branding Takes Off It’s first facelift in over 45 years Futurebrand has been challenged to visually modernize one of America’s most iconic brands. American Airlines has unveiled this new Visual Identity. There was no doubt any change for a brand of this scale and history would be met with some polarizing opinions. Those […]

Buy Vector Solar Panel Layers Image

Buy Vector Solar panel Layer Diagram

Earn while you travel

Quit Your Dead End Job and Make Money Travelling Around the World Every single day, you get up, drink some coffee, go to work and sit in a cubicle for a few hours, go home, and sleep. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. The monotony of an everyday job like this can sometimes be too much for […]

Vectorvault has 4000 “Likes” on Facebook!

Thanks for the help That just feels great. It’s so nice to know that not only is there a passion for vector art, but you “Like” the creative ways that we bring it to you. Thank you for sharing our page and reputation. It really means a great deal to us here. Wherever you are, […]

Want to get ahead? Be on time.

Expect the same of others Tick Tock You Don’t Stop I’m sure there are a few Business Resolutions that are already fading fast out there. Don’t worry, that’s natural. But if I could recommend just one thing to you this year, it’s this: If you want to make serious change in your life, start by […]