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A child’s natural habitat – Enzo Mari

Mantova, Italy

Designed by: Enzo Mari

A corrugated pressboard sheet is transformed by Enzo Mari into a ‘defensive’ wall to protect a place to play: ten panels of different decorations, perforations and shapes to let loose one’s imagination and to invent new stories and new characters every time. 

A light ‘fortification’ to be raised no matter where in a few seconds, to create an imagination break from everyday life. 

Yellow circles like the sun, blue waves like the sea, a wall made of red bricks…no written rules: only the creativity of the player to invent every time very new rules. 



Paris, France

I remember a time before video games when you had to use your imagination to keep yourself entertained. A cardboard box was the perfect fort. Well guess what kids – it’s coming back. Low tech, ethical, chic and great to play with, that’s the concept of the brand’s designer, Armelle Vetillard.

Do not underestimate children. This is the perfect canvas for little story tellers to thrive. Whether you are pretending to be a celebrity, bistro chef or mummy preparing a leg of lamb. There’s no end to the possible storylines with this contemporary theatre in reversible cardboard. These cardboard screens very quickly and easily become a game that has infinite possibilities.

It isasy to assemble, and very stable, the theatre consists of three sections which are printed on both sides; a floor-standing lamp and a cat on the living room side, and lots of fun utensils on the kitchen side! Plus, the television screen comes off and becomes a map of France to fill in on one side, and a drawing of a mini pop star on the other! And like a real theatre, your children can use their dolls or Action Man like puppets. Finished playing? The theatre folds up flat so it can easily slide under a bed or behind a cupboard.The theatre is made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, made in France.


Dimensions when erected: H: 126cm, L: 65cm, Side: 15cm
Dimensions when flat: 100x126x1.5cm

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