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Archangel Playing Cards by Ginger Monkey for Theory11

Deal me in

Tom Lane, more commonly known as Ginger Monkey, is an independent designer, letterer, and illustrator currently living in Bristol (UK). The deck is obviously stacked in his favour with this brilliant deck of playing cards.
Inspiring craftsmanship and creativity that will no doubt be appreciated at poker tables around the world. Well done!

A Royal Flush

(From Behance):

The good people at Theory11 got in touch last year after spotting my work on the Behance network, particularly the Heston Blumenthal cookbook I helped develop a few years ago. The Theory11 team gave me free rein to devise a concept for the deck design. As is often the case I knew I wanted to create something epic, pushing the detail and visual story to the limits. I anchored my approach around the idea of a battle between angels and demons over the power of night and day.

I used this opportunity to explore my detailed ink drawing technique so the vast majority of these designs started off hand-drawn, and were digitised later once approved. The process to create all the artwork, which went through a few rounds for each piece, took around 6 months on & off to complete.

As we we’re drawing to a close with the project, the artwork was shown to Bicycle Playing Cards who have a close relationship with Theory11. They duly snapped it up and offered greater distribution and the opportunity for our design to join their ranks and be part of the vast Bicycle Playing Card history spanning over 125 years.


Hit the Deck!

Mana Playing Cards – v1 The Oracle Edition

Philippines –

Mana Playing Cards

Master Magician, Illusionist, Designer and all around terrific person – Erik Mana has leaked a sneak peek at his limited edition playing cards. Put yourself on standby for The Oracle Edition.

I was going to say something corny like “…get yours before they disappear”. But you get the idea.

Erik and I went to high school in Toronto. Even back then, he had a great way with people. Today he is a sensation in the Philippines where he takes his magic to the streets dazzling unsuspecting people. His illusions are something to behold.

Deck One – Playing cards by Theory11

deck one vector playing cards

deck one vector playing cards

At $5.95, this beautifully designed deck of cards by Theory11 is a must have for any serious poker player.
Take a closer look here.

vector playing cards

vector playing cards

Source: Hypebeast


“Deal yourself in” for this fun set of vector playing cards. This SVG file is a great one to have when “the chips are down”. Enjoy.

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Click here for a preview.
Click here to download.