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iLive Soulfest – Teaser

08 – 18 – 18


I remember when music was much tougher to find and required a little bit of effort to record. Long before the iPod or even mp3s for that matter, I had a box of cassettes that really meant something to me. I am not ashamed to admit that I miss them all.

This vector texture is perfect for any project that requires a nostalgic touch.

MY LIFE IS A DEMO – Adam Jarvis

Toronto, Canada

This is a sold out limited edition poster (10″ x 30″) created by Canadian Illustrator Adam Jarvis . The proceeds from the sale of this poster (entitled: “My life is a demo“) was donated to a local community group.

“I was messing around with Adobe Illustrator and started to rhyme off some of the artists from my computer’s playlist. Before I knew it I was obsessed with stringing them along in a chaotic jumble. It made me think of the days when all of my music was on tape. Anyone old enough to remember can sympathize with the painstaking task of unwinding a tape with a pencil to save their treasured mix.

I will always regret throwing away boxes of old tapes. Say what you will about the digital age. My music never sounded better than it did on tape.”

– Adam Jarvis