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Vector Abominable Snow Monster

Abominable Snow Monster, originally uploaded by DanOhh Design.

Bumbles bounce!

Santa’s New Ride by SockMonkee

Santa’s New Ride | SockMonkee, originally uploaded by sockmonkee.

TSAnta Claus T-shirt design

santa at airport security tsa don't touch my junk

Just in time for the holidays.
Don’t touch Santa’s junk!

Christmas Vectors – FREE VECTOR SAMPLES

HO HO HOLIDAY VECTORS – ‘Tis the Season for vector art

Everyone knows that Christmas is heading this way like a galloping herd of reindeer. There is no stopping it. And as a designer / vector illustrator, regardless of your own faith, one thing is for sure: At some point someone will be asking you to designs something for the holidays.
Move through your projects with some Holiday designs that were developed to save you time and money.

Check out VECTORVAULT’s own jolly Vector Christmas pack. Surely there is something here to put in your stocking:

free christmas vectors

free christmas vectors




Oh, and in case I forget: Happy Holidays.

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOADS – Christmas collection

The Holidays are certainly on their way. There’s nothing that you can do about that. So why not stuff your stocking with some useful Christmas vector graphics. It’s not a question of “if” you will need them – but rather “when”. Put yourself on the “nice list”. Download free samples.

You will also find individual Christmas vector illustrations here.


In case of emergency this season – Break Bar

New Zealand

Boutique chocolate company Bloomsberry knows that to some people chocolate is more than a holiday treat – it’s a lifeline. That’s why they have put together this clever Emergency Chocolate Survival Kit. Complete with easy to follow vector pictograms.

When things get stressful this year, remain calm. Cocoa is on the way. 
*Use only as directed.

*Source: notcot

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