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(VIDEO) SUNSET by Cento Lodigiani

SUNSET from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.

Sunset is a beautiful animation by Cento Lodigiani capturing the beauty of the fading sun using black, red and black vector animated shapes.

(Video) Hide&Seek by Malika Favre


Hide&Seek | Malika Favre by Kemistry Gallery

Malika Favre at Kemistry Gallery • London

Malika Favre

This is one inspiring vector illustrator with an established style that is not easy to replicate

Her ultra-simple approach to editorial illustration has gained her international attention. Her mind seems to be always working to create the perfect iconic representation of an idea. Working with an image until it speaks in layers. Hidden messages intertwined within larger thoughts.

So smart. Trés bien.

Primary talent

Represented by Handsome Frank

Simplified complexity

Hide&Seek  Malika Favre by Kemistry Gallery


Want to know more about this talented Vector Artist

Say Bonjour to Malika.



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(VIDEO) Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

Germaphobes rejoice

Now you can throw your keyboard in the sink and give it a scrub (not kidding).

Clean and mean

From time to time, I leave the comfort of the Vectorvault studio to work with clients on-site. I love to interact with teams and work within their own processes to make their clients shine. But I refuse to do it with a dirty keyboard. My first 10 minutes in front of a borrowed computer are usually spent wiping down the keys. Sound obsessive? Not when you see what comes off of these things.
The lady that I filled in for last month looked like he tossed a salad on her keyboard. I almost mistook her mouse for a small garlic bread.
Logitech has answered my prayers. I bought one last week and I’m so happy that I did.

Ever spilled something on your keyboard?