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Threadless t-shirts

T-shirts are walking vector art galleries

Very few do it better than Threadless. They seem to be a magnetic source for some of the best vector illustrators around and their success is no doubt magnified by the customers who gobble up these cotton billboards.
treadless The Yeti on Vacationby Malo Tocquer
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Take a closer look at Threadlesss

If you want to see what a decade of t-shirt design genius looks like, pick up the Threadless Book. It makes an excellent addition to your design library and a terrific gift for that person who has it all. Check it out:

Vector Book: Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts

Vector Book: Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts

Threadless on

MUZE CLOTHING – Taking it up a stitch

Toronto, Canada

Our main man Darcy Walsh has been a big supporter of Vectorvault and vector art in general. His passion for creativity, natural sense of style, and knack for sales has landed him right in the centre of one of the hottest brands coming out of Scottsdale, ArizonaMuze Clothing.

Recently, Darcy pointed us in the direction of this fresh line and asked us to take a critical look at the quality and design. We like what we see. So much in fact, that we want you to take a closer look for yourself. They have a men’s line, women’s and even maternity.

Aside from the fact that these designs seem to be popping up all over magazines and  television shows, real entertainment personalities seem to be connecting with the simple mix of crisp movie lines and well crafted designs. “Get your shine box” and the obvious “Fletch” throwback are pretty sweet.

Born out of a culture of appreciation and dedication to classic films, the Muze brand celebrates the application of a classic movie line to a real world scenario, a practice appropriately dubbed “Muzing.” During a dinner with friends, Bill Deacon and Mark Dimond realized their passion for using a movie line to get a point across was not unique to the region in which you grew up, the college you attended, or your socio-economic background. Muzing spans generations and demographics and unites people on the basis of love for film, a sense of humor, a creative use of a popular line, and the knowledge that there are many people out there that think like you do. Creating a clothing line that expresses these feelings was a natural process that started in August of 2006 when renowned graphic designer Sean Sims and his brother Michael became the creative force behind Muze, helping to create the line you can see on this site and in select boutiques across the country.

muze clothing celebrities

muze clothing celebrities

Muze believes if a movie line is good enough to put on a t-shirt, it should be coupled with an equally classic design and should be printed with cutting-edge treatments on only the highest quality fabrics. Each aspect of a garment is tirelessly inspected and analyzed. As a tribute to classic movies, we make sure our clothing meets the standard of the line that inspires it by ensuring the tee will have a long lifespan, and that the design is a classic that will live forever. Muze is not a trend; it’s not the flavor of the day. Muze is about creating timeless classics that will always be relevant. Our goal is to create a garment with a message about which the wearer can be proud. A classic line can be worn proudly as a statement in the same way a loyal fan of a sports team wears the logo with pride. We get many letters and emails telling a story of how a Muze wearer was sto pped at an airport or restaurant by someone asking, “Where can I get that shirt?” Those interactions create bonds between strangers and break down barriers that have been enhanced by a society filled with personal computers and portable music devices that lead to increased isolation. Uniting people through a common thread is just one of the steadfast goals that drive the Muze brand and led us to our tagline: To Wear Is Human.

If you are looking to distribute in Canada, Darcy has all the connections:

4 GREAT VECTOR TEES – Threadless

Threadless has offered up these 4 t-shirts. We dig ’em and hope that you like them too.
Each is priced between $15 and $17.

To purchase any one of these products or just get a closer look at the detail, click on the images below…. Continued…