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Arlene Dickinson puts a spotlight on the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle


You Inc. puts the spotlight on Independent Business Culture

The state of the Global Economy has ignited Entrepreneurial Passion like never before in history. Ideas are turning to reality thanks to a pioneering group of individuals who plan on doing nothing short of changing the world. These people need a community that captures what it’s like to live this way. You Inc. has positioning itself as the answer to that. It’s a tough journey that requires a roadmap.

Speaking from experience

No one knows that better than founder Arlene Dickinson. Canada’s very own “Wonder Woman“. She built the strategic media juggernaut Venture Communications which has served as a beacon for maverick brands. That’s awesome for several reasons. But the most impressive thing about it is that she did it raising a family without comprimising her integrity. That is not easy. Got your attention now?

Capturing the essence of “the Life”

She knows the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle well. She lives it in several time zones. Along the way, meeting people who want to share their own tales of triumph and challenges. She generously and transparently shares the lessons that she learned.
You Inc. is a free resource designed to help you, the Entrepreneur. That’s right you.


An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut

As the best looking member of the hit CBC show Dragon’s Den, Arlene has motivated couch potatoes everywhere to dream big. The Entrepreneurial spirit has flourished. And along with it, a lifestyle. And as Arlene will tell your herself:

The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle is not for everybody.
But for those who make it work, it becomes the reward.


You Inc.

When Work is Life

You inc. is Arlene’s way of capturing the lifestyle in a way that has never been done before. With all the social bells and whistles that you would come to expect from a professional online community.

We’ve already established a presence here and have seen some immediate activity. It seems as though a chord has been struck with entrepreneurs who want to listen and learn.

For some, it’s the freedom to hit the grocery store at 11am on a Wednesday instead of being chained to a cubicle. For others (like me) it’s the time I get with my family. Whatever your reason for taking a leap into the unknown, make certain you have a good support net. You Inc. has just the right bounce.


OMG's - A Delicious Case Study

You can write your own posts and share them with others in this exciting network. I wrote this one about
Applying the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Nature through Gardening

This is how I cope with stress from "the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle".

Arlene Sums it up

“If you’re contemplating the leap, you have to be careful not to fall into the trap of romanticizing the lifestyle or of underestimating what it’s going to take”



(infographic) The Rise and Fall of Online Empires

Is Facebook immune from the fate of those who came before it?

While Facebook seems impossible to slow down at the moment. History has shown that many online empires share the same fate. This marvellously crafted vector infographic does great job of illustrating that. Even Rome had their problems keeping their stats strong.
Source: centurylinkquote

The Vectorvault Flickr community continues to grow

We were not sure what to expect when we opened the Vectorvault Flickr community to the public. But the reaction has been incredible. In less than a month, our pool has gained over 100 members and over 400 creative contributions.

It’s a great thing to see this membership represented by the art form that they support every day here at Vectorvault. It’s injected a new sense of inspiration into this project. In fact, many of our posts are harvested directly from this source. Why? Because we love to shine the light on those who give us momentum. 

Take a moment to not only scan through, but we also invite you to join up. Be a part of this exciting movement by uploading some of your own creations. Show us what you got.

5 more ways to connect with the vector art community

Many of you have shown a strong interest in connecting with the Anchorpoint community beyond the confines of Vectorvault. In response to that request, we are diligently working hard on shaping community features that will bring vector artists and vector art lovers closer together. Every day, thousands of you help to make that dream a reality. Thanks.

Here are a few more tools that will strengthen our community. Your support is valued.